Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Just stumbled upon this one too. I obviously wrote it late at night around the time of the count and promptly forgot about it. But there's no harm in kicking a man like Sean Gallagher especially - given his martial arts prowess - when he's down.

Sean Gallagher And The National Sport: Playing The System

It remains to be seen whether Sean Gallagher is an actual crook.

But, decent liberals that we are, let's be generous and take the bald bag man at his word.

We'll accept, for the moment, that he merely runs a sloppy ship instead of a crooked one.

And we'll not stop here to question the wisdom of paying such a man, not just for access, but for advice.

There is, however, one thing about which there is no ambiguity: Sean Gallagher is the poster boy for the once national sport of "Playing The System"

A big "bucker" for the Fianna Fail team, Sean and has helped the "family" maintain its clammy hands on this quasi criminal game's Sam Maguire

Thankfully this coarse sport of "Playing The System" is dramatically on the wane in the more evolved areas of country and rarely ever seen in those bastions of civilisation where inbred natives never got a foot, or boot boy, hold such as Dun Laoghaire.

The immoral, adolescent idolising of the shysters who play the system is still most prominent trait in those banjo playing counties where canoe trips are as unadvisable as the local sisters who say "YES" to their brothers' proposals are numerous.

Laois/Offaly Longford/Westmeath. It seems that nearly a century after independence the inbred denizens of these cursed counties cannot see what is dawning on the rest of the country.

Whilst re-education camps have been posited as a solution, this presupposes the existence of education in the first place.

These people still cling to the primitive notion that it is all about "getting one over" - be that a leg over the sister, a pint too many over the bar or a scam over the authorities.

One might despair but let's not indulge in further "negative campaigning."

The election of Michael D as President or more importantly, the defeat of this bog bagman, this inarticulate mouthpiece of ill-understood vacuous self-help mantras, does give grounds for "positivity."

It shows a growing awareness of that which should be obvious to all decent and civilised spectators: that the game itself is founded on a 'foul.'

Playing The System

The system that one plays, the system that you have to get "one over on" is not some foreign entity.

It is ourselves.

To those who question the veracity of this, well, in the absence of a soul, just look in your pockets.

If they are not actually empty, they are probably lacking - to use your own lingo - in wedge.

And why is that?

Cos you have been trounced by the top team in the game.

Fianna Fail.

Fianna Fail - and their latest 'star' player Sean Gallagher - have 'played the system' so well that they scored the mother of all own goals.

The George Best of shysters, the Pele of pilferers, Fianna Fail 'broke' the system.

Leaving you and I and all the spectators of this outdated sport stoney broke.

Apart from the above embarrassing exceptions, this election has shown that the people don't want to play this game anymore.

It's like bungee jumping without a bungee.

And Ireland has just said "that's it, no more."

The ref has told the shyster to get off the field.

The people want him and his ilk put out to pasture.

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  1. Now it seems the bag man has recruited that second rate legal primadonna Paul Tweed to help the shyster raid the public purse.
    As if he has not insulted us enough.
    And when is the foul sleaze bag going to accept he was defeated by his behaviour to Glenna Lynch and not by an errant tweet?
    Never it seems.
    And certainly not with syrupy locked Tweed whispering taxpayer theft in dumb Sean's ear.