Sunday, August 5, 2012

Musings On Quinn, O Brien And Ireland's Corporate Coup D'etat

Glad to see some real views are being aired behind the scenes.  (See below)
Cos this is the real deal.
This is the last 30 years of adulation mainly of FF cheer led unbridled capitalism coming home to roost.

Perhaps not that suprising when you have a Taoiseach - and source of state contract - taking the absolute piss out of the State and the law of the land.

You buy the media. And if you can't buy off the odd individual you strut like the legal assassin and try and silence people with court intimidation and deep slimey striped pockets.

Ganley with RTE is just the corner boy version of Denis O-ligarch Brien with Browne and Smith.

Sean Quinn has his gombeen goebbels in John Waters and in Michael Harding's eloquent but bog ignorant support.
Not to mention "Rent A Christian" Father Darcy.

This is where sites like this come into their own, it is essential that we say/repeat what the billionaire bullies are trying to prevent being said.

Quinn is just picking up the robber baron's baton where Lowry and O'Brien left off.

If this shit is not fought now, we are well and truly screwed.

This is commercial coup d'etat type Paddy-style..

The others - the pols - at least have the decency to come and lie to us and seek our support every few years.

We can then get rid of them.

A small compensation given the damage they have done.

But could you imagine what the sorry story would be like if the whole show was in the hands of devious corrupt bullying billionaire gangsters.

"In private, meanwhile, Fine Gael TDs were even more scathing about the former GAA president Mr Kelly, who at one stage was being touted by Mr Kenny's inner circle as a possible presidential candidate.

They noted that "Kelly really let the mask slip, those comments were remarkably naive''.

One source claimed: "There is astonishment that anyone who was a member of Fine Gael would express themselves in that fashion, he sounded like a member of Fianna Fail lite.''

They added that "for some time a lot of Fine Gael figures have felt Kelly is a one-trick pony trading on going to GAA matches but this gombeen green gurrier stuff, poor Sean [Quinn] sure he's one of our own''.

Oligarchs are buying media organs to attack state organs, seek immunity and lay down covering fire for their commercial rape and pillage.

If you were to listen to Quinn's PR blitz - which seems to have carefully copied that done by D O-ligarch Brien - you would think employing a village give you moral cover for state pillage.

This is what has Denis O-ligarch Brien threatening Vincent Browne.

Shout it from the fucking roof-tops.

"IT HARDLY matters which of the two oligarchs get control of Independent News and Media, for neither should be allowed to. Not because of any moral turpitude on the part of the oligarchy represented by Denis O’Brien or that represented by the O’Reilly family.

First, Independent News and Media is far too large, and the power it gives to whomever controls it is oppressive. On this island INM owns the Irish Independent, the Sunday Independent, the Sunday World, the Evening Herald, the Irish Daily Star, the Belfast Telegraph and Sunday Life. It owns 13 local newspapers and also one of the largest newspaper and magazine distribution agencies, Newspread, plus several of the largest print works on the island. It has a strong presence on the internet with"

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    Dublin, 23 November 2012

    Anti-corruption organisation Transparency International Ireland (TI Ireland) has voiced its concerns over the use of litigation and threats of legal action against Irish journalists during the visit to Dublin this week of the United Nations’ Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights Defenders.

    TI Ireland’s Chief Executive John Devitt met with UN Special Rapporteur Margaret Sekaggya, and informed her of a series of legal threats made by Independent News and Media’s largest shareholder Denis O’Brien against a number of political journalists and commentators. Seventeen journalists and media groups are believed to have been sued or threatened with legal action by Mr O’Brien since 1998 according to the National Union of Journalists.

    Many of those threats appear to have been made against correspondents or commentators, including Sam Smyth, Dr Elaine Byrne and Vincent Browne, who have covered the proceedings or the second report of the Moriarty Tribunal into Payments to Politicians and Related Matters published in 2011. The Tribunal found that Mr O’Brien or his companies had made over €1 million in payments and guarantees in clandestine circumstances to the former Minister for Communications Michael Lowry after Mr Lowry had ‘delivered’ the award of the second mobile phone licence to Mr O’Brien’s consortium Esat Digiphone in 1996.

    TI Ireland has called on Mr O’Brien to withdraw his threats of legal action against journalists and newspapers and to seek redress for unfair coverage through the Press Council instead.

    ‘The use of litigation and legal threats denies journalists and editors the human right to freely report and comment on matters of public importance. Journalists also have a duty to report or comment on issues in the public interest - even if they have a negative impact on Mr O’Brien’s reputation’, said Mr Devitt.

    ‘Of course, Mr O’Brien has a right to pursue his claims through the courts, but it is clear that the potential cost of defending a claim could be ruinous to a journalist. It is important therefore that any grievances be firstly heard by the independent Press Ombudsman or in front of the Press Council who can rule on the truth and fairness of coverage at minimal cost to both parties, Mr Devitt added.

    During the meeting with the UN Special Rapporteur, TI Ireland also drew attention to the lack of regulation of media ownership and recommended the establishment of a ‘fit and proper test’ for owners of major press and broadcast bodies.

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