Sunday, March 15, 2015

Text Image Beat @ Galerie Sans Nom

Here's the program for the Canadian Videopoetry show which starts March 20 at the Canadian Galerie Sans Nom

Kevin Barrington’s I Love the Internet is a skillful fast rant by this Dublin based copywriter and blogger. A collaborative project with Irish animation artist and illustrator Bruce Ryder, the poem advances through use of psychedelic colors and a text matte over quick moving images. The video derives from Barrington’s multi-media e-book of the same name. Barrington states, ‘The impulse was to repel a rising wave of establishment antipathy to social media expression that took hold early in 2013 and threatened to silence satire and online political heckling.’

If you happen to be down Moncton way be sure to check out the show, it looks good. 

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