Sunday, September 20, 2015


Imperial power confronted by erectile dysfunction is some scary shit.
Maggie Thatcher fought a war to show the Brits could still get stiff.
(And some did)
Now the Yanks got this bellicose buffoon.
Think of the global carnage of the that fool's sperm splatter.
We shall overcomb.
But all that hairdresser time.
It'll freak out Putin.
And as for Mousl?
It'll be off the top of a high rise Trump.
Mainline irony..
I despair for America.
But as Dick Cheney's daughter perhaps secretly sang after a kilo of ribs. slaw, claws, babes, glocks, single malt, rohypnol, college contro- not contra-versy, harmless cheer leader finger fuck and beer.
Like the man in Hue.
Like the scene in Nam.
We gotta fuck the US to save it.
Burn down the hooch.
Throw away the trinkets.
Waste the buffalo.
Drop the killers' Trump card
Come on Cruz, Bush, with their ears.
(Earlace . Gooky beauty)
Man that war on terror took a dumb traumatised people down a rabbit hole.
So now your otherwise unemployed kids have prospects; you can get maimed in so many exotic places.
So much contractor money to be made with the allies of the akbar
But towel heads.
Sell their mothers!
Just mind your six.
And pray for a clean one.
Cos yr bellicose bosses just gambled your insurance.
And about that leg you lost in Fallujah?
What you wanna walk the walk with Obama care.
And talk that tax dollar talk.
Well hobble the fuck along Amigo.
Hop back over the wall you came from!
You ugly loser
Leaving your limb in Anbar.
You mutant reminder of all that
Chavez Castro
Pick pocketing 
Socialist shit.
Hey you communists.
We're building walls.
And don't fuck with Donald.

Meanwhile back at the ranch.
Jesus wept.

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