Monday, March 18, 2013

Genocide Is My Man United

To Mark Shanley

I asked was asked the other day
What sport I followed
I replied.
Cos genocide is my Manchester United.
It just is.
I love the pin ups.
I love the stars.
Idi Amin Benjamin Netanyahu Pol Pot Saddam Hussein George Bush
You name them.
And what's that geezer from central Africa?
Yep him.
The French cannibal scandal one.

All the boys.
Always the boys.
We do such great extremism.
Us boys.

We'll have none of those women and their difference.
We don't do difference.
You hear me?
We achieve goals.
Scorched earth pitches.
Teenage catatonia.
Babies aged by disbelief.
That's genocide for you.

Genocide is my Man United.

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