Friday, March 29, 2013

What chance of a sign of the spring?

                               The wind is blowing from the east.
                                      And it's fierce cold.

The Canal In March by 'Nice Eye' Conor Ferguson

She said with determined death defying determination
to the equally defiant grey male beside.
Flashing silver educated lucky in their decent Terenure stride.
And good on them.

But nobody fed me
My defiance today.
And listen here.
I got the Solzhenitsyn shivers.
I got that Stalin dread.
I got Dostoevsky horrors.
I got Gogols in my head.

It's so fucking Siberian.
God damn it.
It's so Artic around here.
I could really do with some sunshine.
Sted of this blood soaked below zero lithuathian nationalist affair.

Sweet mother of jesus
Sweet mother of jesus
I'm the last to talk of the weather.
But what chance of a sign of the spring?
What chance of a sign of the spring?

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