Sunday, May 6, 2012

Meanwhile on the radio...

Here's a few radio ads that I still like.
I enjoy doing them.
The medium suits my attention span.
There is something about the zone they exist in, somewhere between the downright trivial and the truly poetic, that amuses me.
Then there's the challenge of trying to get people to listen to that which, in theory, they have no interest in listening to
At 30/40 seconds, you are not asking that much from people but you still have to give something in return.

Here's one for Denny Sausages to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Bloomsday.
One of those rare jobs where you have licence to do something interesting.

Donal O'Kelly does a great job with the voiceover here.

Denny - Bloomsday Rev

One for Bord Na Mona coming up to Halloween featuring Donal O'Kelly again.

Bord na Mona Fiddle on the Wind

And a couple for Fyffes bananas featuring Joe Taylor at his best.

Fyffes-Planning wmusic

Fyffes-Port Tunnel wmusic