Sunday, October 18, 2015

Death's A Lousy Fucking Date

Death does not come too soon
Death doesn't come too late
Death does not drink too much
Death doesn't put on weight
Death's not into sport
Field or track
Death's a vegetarian
Fronts a Morrissey tribute band
And is a dab hand
At early Cohen
-Tindersticks too-
But death's not too fond of Fellini
And all that Dolce Vita shit
Death doesn't do
Penis in popcorn carton
Death doesn't embrace at the gate
Let's face it


Monday, September 21, 2015


Imperial power in decline  - the pyscho sexual manifestations. How is the US dealing with its mental illness. It's bellicose, paranoid, psychotic and now pursuing the military oppression of its own people.
Bush, Wolfie, Cheny, Perle, Rummy went on destroyed the world in the interests of Israel and big oil. And leaving - Tee Hee - the real winner of the Iraq war - Iran.
Why do you think the neo-con vulture capitalist idelologues are freaking about detente with Iran?
Not alone cos they are bitter and twisted about Iran's winning role.
But the plan was always to take out Iraq, Syria AND Iran.
Iran was saved from Syrian like subversion cos it had plenty of US troops trapped in Iraq to instantly kill if t Benny's Washington bootboys lost the run of themselves.
Iranian backed trained n armed Shiite forces could turn the heat up and down on the US troops as they wished.
Until with the withdrawal.
Iran may have lost its GI hostages.
But it won the war.
And as soon as the withdrawal -
The drums of war.
Jerusalem keeping the beat.
Now is the time.
Only pussies did not want to fight the mullahs.
Look we 'took' Iraq.
There are scary people in power now America is in serious decline.
And terrifying as things are, pause, think
A true redneck fascist capitalist thug.
Dumb to boot.
No match for the mullahs.
Jesus the Iranians have read their Machiavelli.
Trump probably thinks its a scent liberals wear.
The Iranians know the score.
They can match drone terrorism with a truck bomb terrorism.
They can be hardcore.
If the US bomb one of their passenger planes, they  can down a plane over Lockerbie.
But Americans - who downed a passenger plane first?
Iranians are a reasonable people.
Iran is an old culture, learned and self confident.
It has jihadis to meet teahadis.
But most of them are sane.
Like Hezbollah.
Thinking ahead.
But the yanks are so far up Israel's hole that the show has gone psychedelic.
Cos up there in Benny's anus - the Pentagon hangs with obscurantist medieval Wahhabii beaheaders devising plans to tackle/defeat obscurantist medieval Wahhabi beaheaders with get assistance from...yeah you gussed it.
And over canape and manpads, the US brass brushes shoulders with Saudis who, if they did not  know, blessed the 9/11 Jihadis.

But BOO BIG BAD Iran it executes people
Just like USA but not as many.
Iran - our enemy - fights ISIS.
Our ally Saudi beheads people and it helps promote ISIS.
And it helps defeat ISIS.
Imagine Saudi as a girlfriend.
(If you could see her face)
Yeah sure Iran calls you the great Satan.
After Prime Minister Mossadeq's US backed ouster I'd call you worse.
Then backing a sadist poppycock like the Shah while you raped resources.
But the Iranians like the Vietnamese are old proud cultures with the self confidence to move. And sure take revenge but only if expedient.
But  the Saudis - the exporters and financers of one of the ugliest manifestations of religion this side of the Middle Ages.
The Sunni Salafi death cult.
Ignorant rapists murderers and thieves elevated to state status.
The Saudis have the money to fly to London for their supermodel Yazidi booty.
 A spoiled thick fascist cowardly bunch who seemed to have brought nothing to manking but brutal desert puritanism.
A brutal theocracy not unlike that found in Israel.
Admittedly Israel hides behind the rainbow flag as it kills kids.
Gay rights!
Holy sodomy
We're so cosmo.
But you coan't keep the fundies down.
And Jewish fundamentalists brought up on a diet of brutalising Palestinian women and children now see nothing wrong with stabbing faggots.
See the last Pride.
Israel and Saudi  are different evolutions of medieval mutations.
One is sold better than the other. Expert peddlers of con.
The other does not care about image as long it has oil and money.
Call me what you like as long as you need me.
And I know you hate me.
That's why my brother is just landing a plane in a big tower.
Despite the Tel Aviv con - smart people know you can't be a theocracy and a democracy.
Both are maintained by violence and superstition.
Both are threatening the future of the civilised world.
Israel provides the rage.
Saudi the swords to express the rage.
Saudi keeps its nihilist death cult buddies flush with money and guns as far away as possible.
Israel has them all over the gaffe - in subsidised armed jewish supremacist Bantustans in the West Bank.

Yeah sure Iran calls you the great Satan.
After Mossadeq ouster I would have been tempted to execute the Shah's military backers.
But the Iranians like the Vietnamese are an old proud culture with the slef confidence to move and sure take revenge if expedient.
But they are not the Saudis - the exporters and financers of one of the ugliest manifestations of religion this side of the Middle Ages.
The Saudis are a spoiled thick fascist cowardly bunch. A brutal theocracy not unlike Israel. Admittedly Israel allowed gay rights - but the jewish fundies are out stabbing queers now if they can't find Palestinians to torture.
Israel/ Saudi  are medieval mutations. Despite Tel Aviv con - you can't be a theocracy and a democracy.
Israel and Saudi are founded on violence. Saudi keeps the nihilist flush with funds and guns as far away as possible.
Israel has them all over the gaffe - in subsidised armed supremacist outposts in the West Bank.
Islamic/Jewish extremists are the problem.
Support for Israel and Saudi has to be jettisoned.
Time to talk to Iran.
Deal with the Sunni extremists.
And then finally their Jewish brothers.

Support for Israel and Saudi has to be jettisoned.
Time to talk to Iran.
Deal with the Sunni extremists.
And then finally their Jewish brothers.

Then it will be time to tackle that fascist buffoon Trump

Sunday, September 20, 2015


Imperial power confronted by erectile dysfunction is some scary shit.
Maggie Thatcher fought a war to show the Brits could still get stiff.
(And some did)
Now the Yanks got this bellicose buffoon.
Think of the global carnage of the that fool's sperm splatter.
We shall overcomb.
But all that hairdresser time.
It'll freak out Putin.
And as for Mousl?
It'll be off the top of a high rise Trump.
Mainline irony..
I despair for America.
But as Dick Cheney's daughter perhaps secretly sang after a kilo of ribs. slaw, claws, babes, glocks, single malt, rohypnol, college contro- not contra-versy, harmless cheer leader finger fuck and beer.
Like the man in Hue.
Like the scene in Nam.
We gotta fuck the US to save it.
Burn down the hooch.
Throw away the trinkets.
Waste the buffalo.
Drop the killers' Trump card
Come on Cruz, Bush, with their ears.
(Earlace . Gooky beauty)
Man that war on terror took a dumb traumatised people down a rabbit hole.
So now your otherwise unemployed kids have prospects; you can get maimed in so many exotic places.
So much contractor money to be made with the allies of the akbar
But towel heads.
Sell their mothers!
Just mind your six.
And pray for a clean one.
Cos yr bellicose bosses just gambled your insurance.
And about that leg you lost in Fallujah?
What you wanna walk the walk with Obama care.
And talk that tax dollar talk.
Well hobble the fuck along Amigo.
Hop back over the wall you came from!
You ugly loser
Leaving your limb in Anbar.
You mutant reminder of all that
Chavez Castro
Pick pocketing 
Socialist shit.
Hey you communists.
We're building walls.
And don't fuck with Donald.

Meanwhile back at the ranch.
Jesus wept.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Remember that band U2 - Sarajevo and the Dandelion days

Busking in the Dandelion - I merely bottled - we'd stop when they started.
1978 and they had something going.
Would head also to the afternoon gigs in McGonigles.
When U2 supported the Prunes.
They were amazing.
That Xmas gig they did in the TV Club on their return from plugging Boy in New York was beyond electric.
They knew they were on to something.
We knew there were on to something.
It rocked.
Drenched in sweat, soaked in sulphate, walking to Blackrock before the hitch to Monkstown worked landed me with a fever over Xmas.
Then they got religion and made those 'Made For The USA' albums. Possibly slightly more complex Simple Minds.
Then they came to terms with the US, beyond the white boy bombast, nearer to the blues.
And they pulled off their commercial masterpiece
The Joshua Tree.
Funny the boys with the exception of Adam did rock band in reverse.
After Boy they all found religion - Some dodgy evangelical dude called Dennis on Capel St.
So they did scriptures when the others did scripts.
Get thee behind me speedball.
The disciples then find a missus.
Then kids.
Kind of grounded.Kind of rooted.
Kind of confident. But kind of nervous. 
They start to probe.
Then they actually made rock n roll - good ****.
Real deal.
Achtung Baby is an amazing ablum.
Then they dropped the crucifixes for a bit of messing.
But they were that bit older.
Mature enough not to choke on their own irony.
Less likely to be a spike still in vein toilet job.
Turning on, not turning blue
Rock n roll - opposite to what the others do.
And that - combined with talent - was the secret to their success.
The normal route is album adulation cocaine copulation capitulation sequeing into smack and crack and overdose and if you are lucky enough to have yr fried mind upright you buy the Christian dope or the Buddhist **** or whatever.
But U2 were mainlining Jesus before gale force cocaine hit them.
And then when they later felt like the odd walk in the wild side weather, they were mature enough to wear thermals.
Let that be a lesson to you young bucks.
Now go back and listen to Shadows And Tall Trees and Out of Control.
That's good Jesus
That's good dope
By anyone's bible.

And every time I talk about U2 I skip the easy digs.
Jesus Bono yeah yeah yeah.
But, sssh, listen
For that Sarajevo gig.

That was something else.

And the Italian troops in full sing-a-long, even going on with the crowd long gone.

All right beside the graveyard that grew so much in the previous years. With funerals targeted feeding more funerals. 

Right beside it, the Olympic stadium.

The boys in the Lemon.


It was worthy.


In the background a very funny little historical footnote.

A very odd one for rock n roll.

The corridors of power around the world awaited the outcome of the first polls - the election being the first act in the multi multi Dayton peace plan.

The election took place in a very fraught tense atmosphere - this had been a nasty bitter vicious war. And the smoke had barely cleared from the battlefield.
But the polls had gone down without any major violence.
And now the votes were being counted. 
In a vast factory in the rural outskirts of Sarajevo.
Fertiliser sacks served as sandbags and Iron Cross emblazoned German tanks and troops manned the perimeter.
Hundreds of primarily young Bosnians were counting the results around a couple of dozens tables.
About 12 to a table.
A Croat. a Serb. A Bosniak etc etc
Counting non stop 24hrs a day.
The kids were all delighted to get the relatively well paid gig.
And I kept up jokes, banter and meta-lingual tom foolery just to get us through the 12hr shift
Needless to say U2 coming to town was the talk of the show.
Everyone was excited.
It transcended all ethnic issues.
I sussed that 90% of my guys had tickets to the gig. 
And they were supposed to be counting that night.
It was their shift.
Yeah they needed the money.
The week's work was gonna keep a lot of families going.
U2 were coming.
A major rock gig.
In Sarajevo.
Where you brazed snipers to get water out of the river to bring back to your apt with the blown out windows in deep winter.
And the trees outside already chopped down for fuel.
Former neighbours sat on the hilltops and dropped lead onto the people below.
This was more than a concert.
This was hope.
Pure and simple.

I was realised these kids were going to the gig. 
Wages/permission or not.
I strolled up to Bruce.
"Bruce all my kids are going to the kid."
Bruce's superficial stoner charm belied the shrewd worldly mind of a true operator.
The Canadian was a kind of gonzo electioneer.
You hired him and his crew when you wanted to run elections in dodgeville.
I knew Bruce from the UN brokered elections in 1993 in Canbodia.
I was the Cambodia correspondent with AFP.
He was doing what he was doing in Bosnia.
Making an election happen.
Pulling off miracles.
Getting killers to behave.
Getting around minefields.
Getting logistics going where infrastructure ceased to be.

"Fuck it," Bruce said with his laconic grin.

"I'm going to the gig."

"And?" I asked.

We'll suspend the count.

And that's what happened.

Quietly without informing the waiting world, we just suspended the count for the night.

Washington, Paris, London, Moscow all waited with bated breath.

This was the first attempt to see if a shaky peace could hold.

But all that war and peace stuff was put aside that night in the former Yugoslavia.

We were all off to the gig.

Where curiously the Irish army provided security.

It was funny strolling in back stage with the Chief of Staff Gen Gerry McMahon - an old friend from his days in the Middle East running the UN gig in the south of Lebanon.

And Bono?

Well Bono just came on stage.

"Hello Sarajevo. Fuck the past. Let's embrace the future."

And the place - full of Serbs, Croats and Bosnian Muslims - rocked.

You could have danced for days on the appreciation.

Saturday, September 12, 2015


Death does not come too soon
Death doesn't come too late
Death does not drink too much
Death doesn't put on weight
Death's not into sport
Field or track
Shoots smack
Death's a vegetarian
Fronts a Morrissey tribute band
Is a dab hand
At early Cohen
- Tindersticks too -
But death's not too fond of Fellini
And all that Dolce Vita shit
Death doesn't do
Penis in popcorn carton
Death doesn't embrace at the gate
Let's face it
Is a 

Friday, March 27, 2015

Nice little plug from the Atticus Review

Kevin Barrington is an Irish poet, multimedia artist, blogger, activist, advertising copywriter, former foreign correspondent and occasional UN volunteer. His first collection “I Love The Internet” – a multimedia extravaganza was met significant critical acclaim. His videopoetry has appeared in festivals such as Berlin’s Zebra, Vancouver’s Visible Verse and Ireland’s IndieCork. He will soon  feature in a vidpoem exhibition in Canada’s Galerie Sans Nom.  Kevin is currently seeking backing to launch a multimedia tradigital campaign: Genocide Is My Man United.
His energetic, passionate live shows have created quite a stir with many beat references and comparisons with Dylan and John Cooper Clarke.
Bruce Ryder is an Irish artist and illustrator living in Co Wicklow.
You can catch more of his work @

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Text Image Beat @ Galerie Sans Nom

Here's the program for the Canadian Videopoetry show which starts March 20 at the Canadian Galerie Sans Nom

Kevin Barrington’s I Love the Internet is a skillful fast rant by this Dublin based copywriter and blogger. A collaborative project with Irish animation artist and illustrator Bruce Ryder, the poem advances through use of psychedelic colors and a text matte over quick moving images. The video derives from Barrington’s multi-media e-book of the same name. Barrington states, ‘The impulse was to repel a rising wave of establishment antipathy to social media expression that took hold early in 2013 and threatened to silence satire and online political heckling.’

If you happen to be down Moncton way be sure to check out the show, it looks good. 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Vidpoem to feature in the Atticus Review

The Bruce Ryder animated I Love The Internet is to appear in a Vvdpoem feature in the Atticus Review - a nice outfit - before it boogies up north to Canada to feature in the Galerie Sans Nom Videopoetry exhibition. All of which makes Kevin a happy camper. And it all confirms my initial feeling that this video poetry gig was not just fun but was an emerging and rapidly growing art form. So. Yeah. Fun.Onwards.

Friday, January 16, 2015

SAC - An Anti Church, Family, Morality Conspiracy -or- Going To War With CJ Haughey

Up in Terenure.
Back in those bleak heroin plagued doldrum days of infinite grey 80s psychotic Ireland.
TV's on.
Being wisely ignored.
Did I hear that right?
"An anti church family morality conspiracy."
Did you hear that?
Some fucking Opus Dei spear chucker just came out with that wild nugget.
"An anti church family morality conspiracy."
Wow squared.
He is on whatever the Prime Time of the day was called.
He is suggesting groups of people.
Huddled together.
With one thing in mind
The demise of the church.
The demise of the family
The demise of morality.
An enemy out there.
Working away.
Eroding morality.
Undermining the Church.
Subverting morality.
A group huddled out there.
Like Charlie in the jungle...getting stronger and stronger.
Mega Wow.
On acid!
Who is on drugs?
Hang on.
Am I getting this right.
I am.
This is for real.
And guess what?
It is kind of perfect.
An anti church family morality conspiracy!
Huddled together in sinful communion.
Unholy communion.
This is poetry.
Proper poetry.

'Let's give them one.'


'Let's give them one'


Give it to them. A conspiracy.


An anti-church, family morality conspiracy.




SAC. That's what we will call it.


What's that stand for?

I dunno.

Secular Action Committee,


Society Against Catholicism.



We have a name.


Now we just need to exist.

Let's get this show on the road. be continued