Sunday, March 23, 2014

Genocide Is My Man United - A new collection in print

Starting work on the new book - and saying this in public to up the pressure on myself to get my act to together. The plan is to incorporate the best of the current e-book with a host of new works, most already written. 'Genocide is my Man United' is the planned title. It's going to be another publication with Cass Flower back again as editor and publisher. Bruce Ryder and Michael will once again be the main men on visuals. Herman will be back bringing some design discipline to the anarchic show. There will also be new artists coming on board with superb work from Conor Ferguson and Gary already in. And there's a great recent shot of me from Conor Horgan. Mark Shanley,Syra and Rock Archive will no doubt feature again. Several others are also most likely to be involved, either again or making their debut - though I am not sure if they all know it yet. Ivan once again will be offering advice and guidance. Frank may produce the audio side of things and also write an intro. There's no money, needless to say, so once again it will all have to be done with love, hustle and hassle. Warning: I'll be out bugging people for favours. I Love the Internet by Kevin Barrington has sold some 350 copies which isn't bad given it's an e-book of poetry and the debut publication from Political World. Hopefully we will sell many times that in print. With a bit of luck Genocide Is My Man United will be out in the early summer. Here's a reading of the title poem