Friday, April 26, 2013

The Circus Has Hit Town

The book is now on sale.

For a mere fiver you will have the pleasure of the sound of neo-liberals being kicked repeatedly in the bollix.
You'll see light shone on sinister vulture capitalist scum.
You'll see bullies furious at incoming derision.
You will see fear and fun in a handful of words
No respect for the cowards and fools who let a gang of crack heads beggar the country for longer than the life expectancy of a home built under their alleged command.
You will hear hatred for those who betrayed this country.
You will hear a little laughter.
And a big scream on behalf of the 90%  whose lives hopes and futures have all been Priory Hall-ed.
From hunger strike to Priory Hall there'll be screams against our joke republicans.
There are no republicans.
We merely have sociopaths with varying degrees of house training.
And we got blueshirts of all hues.
We got anti abortion moralists desperate to keep their supply of unloved unwanted and unwatched kids.
We got the Iona Al Qaeda. Our own wannabe UKIP sinister bigots.
We got the Christo Taliban.
We got Ganley and his Teahadi crew.



This is a


A roar to ensure the culprits - the 1% with its 9% lackies - do not get a moments' sleep for the rest of their despicable lives.

To those who robbed our dreams, a promise:
We will not let you sleep.

And count yourself lucky it is only words that are being thrown you.

Cos I see this poet fella has other ideas.

Burn down Tom’s cabin.
Throw away the trinkets.
We’re looking for scalps.
White man.
Red man.
Black man.
Yellow man.

On the subject of pay, the book in all its mischief and wonder is yours for a mere fiver.
So please drop by and pick up a copy!/~/category/id=4966008&offset=0&sort=normal

Do that now.

You'll enjoy it.


Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Woke up and there they were
Wiggly weasely wondrous words
All with loads to say
Never a dull moment with words
Never stuck for a curse with words
Never short of a laugh with words
Fall in love with words
Let the hate roll with words
Whisper sweet nothing with words
When the show gets really desperate, pray with words
Apologise for all you have done wrong with words
Forgive me forgive me forgive me
Forgive me with words.
But we won't forgive her with words.
We'll tell that dead Baroness all she did wrong.
With words.
She'll get
No no no
Eulogy out of me.
With words.
Instead I'll go write a song.
With words.
I'll tramp the dirt down.
Just like Elvis said.
With words.
I'll tell fawning funeral generals they are just
Puffed up poppycocks.
With words.
I'll reopen the pits.
With words.
I'll give everyone their job back.
With words.
I'll refuse to take part in her dog eat dog world.
With words.
Darwinian silverback penny-pinched primate.
That woman's an ape.
May she be for hunting.
By Hutu Interahamwe. 
And I mean it
I Mean It With Words


I'll say it again
Affable Handymen


And all that you are deaf to



Sunday, April 7, 2013

LOVELY FIRST REVIEWS - And a little rant on how we got here

I Love The Internet.
The book, or little circus as I prefer to see it, has just got its isbn number so I am told it is officially published.
So within a few days it should be uploaded for sale here
Was looking to see if I could get some nice promo blurb to advertise the book with.
Anyhow a review link had been sent to author Alan Glynn.
And just got this delightful account in return.

"In this collection, poet Kevin Barrington sings, serenades (chants, screeches, parps). He’s like a hungry, distracted coyote roaming the digital plains – with one eye on the circling herd of bullies, despots, third-raters and poltroons, and the other on that gorgeous sunset over there."

And then this rather lovely account from film director Lenny Abrahamson

"Kevin Barrington is an original to the seat of his pants, and the sound of his passionate, fearless, percussive voice and the acuity and verve of the mind that drives it are present in every morsel of this wonderful collection."

 Then we also just got a really nice one from Martina Devlin:

"What a vibrant, memorable, original collection. And what a gifted turn of of phrase Kevin has. Colour bursts from his words and does cartwheels all over the poems. He veers from satirical to playful to hard-hitting to tongue-in-cheek. There's rage in his work; and humanity, too - presumably the humanity is motivated by the anger."

So I reckon the promotional dictates of commerce have been met. And to seek any more advance press could be seen as a craven search for adulation.

So perhaps it is time to get on with the show.

And let's see if we can pitch poetry into the face of a recession.

I'll let you know when they have uploaded the shop window.

All not bad though given that the show only sprang into being in December.
Once delightful Declan Ganley started throwing his legal/financial ire at me.

Then came the offer of publishing the book as a gesture of support.

What can you say to such an offer?

Ah the fun of those witch burning winter nights.

And out of darkness.

We got delight.