Friday, April 11, 2014

Love You Long Time

Water boiled
Tar dissolved
Vacuum filled
Did that vacuum fill


We're going in
We're going down
Mayday mayday mayday
Napalm noon
No forgiveness
No coordinates
My lie 
Your lie
Endless lies
Jacked up deceit
Huey Bell Apache
Door gunner dreams
Of milky sap
Tap me tap me
Rat a tat tat
Look at the peasants run
Take me up the mountains
Take me out of here
Hit the target
Kill the child
Find a vein
We're going in
We're going down
Blood bath
Can't go on
I won't go on
But listen to monkey chatter
Masturbating up trees

Then she turned to me and said
'Don't you just love the smell of spring?'

Fuck me did the vacuum fill
Give me a sec to goof
Fuck me did the vacuum fill
Give me a sec to goof

Here come the corpses
The corpses 
Keep coming
Don't you see?
I need
Out of here
Pull the trigger
Push the plunger
You're dead
Did you hear me?
Stay the fuck down
But they keep coming
Again and again and again
Human waves
Basra marshes
Poison gasses
Jihadi hordes
To paradise
The mission's never accomplished
Look look look
The towel head is still moving
Hit him again
Waste the mutha
Raze the gaffe
Free fire zone
The whole shop's a shooting gallery
Push the plunger
Pull the trigger 
Drop the load
Light up the horizon

God I miss Saigon
Monsoon steamy pavements
Laughing Cow
'Double uo globe' brand
Float me up the Mekong
Love me long time
Pure shock, pure awe, pure shock, pure aww
It's a curse it's a joy it's a curse it's a joy 
It's a cursed fucking joy
Love you long time
Be the death of me

Shoot up, mount up, move out
On the march on the move on the hustle
Soon as you're up you're down
Soon as you're up you're down
Pull the trigger
Push the plunger
Fuck Art
Fuck Religion
Fuck You
Feel sick
Feel dirty
More dead
Than alive

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Pouting and shouting in Paris

There's the guff on the Paris gig. Please tell anyone you know in Paris who might enjoy it to come along. Should be fun.

Poetry and jazz. Jesus man I have a become a hipster inadvertently in my old age. Time for a beard.

Scratch them kids.