Friday, April 27, 2012


(The Fiscal Compact Treaty)

Once upon a time back in the dour day.
Wannabes called cops on
contraceptive machines.
And failed marriages sought vodka.
A queer got beaten up
Banged too.
Gay was semiotics.
And Kenny cutting edge.
U2 were out of control.
Priests wild with abandon.
Where a million took to the Pope's park.
And the 'cool kids' took to Galway.
Where milk bottles rained fire.
And funerals fed slaughter.

When even Hollyhead was intoxicating,
EU shimmered erotic liberation.
We'll slip through them.
Fuck them all.
And booze ballads too.
Give me French.
Sex in a mini skirt.
More even more
The days.
Then more of them.
They got long.
As they do.
The skirts too.
Then all a suddenly
French was German.
The exotic... accountancy.
And flesh that caressed Mediterranean breeze
Now pinched pennies
with frozen Nordic frowns.
And somewhere along the lawyered road.
Into the spelling of 'Equality"
(Without asking me.
What about you?)

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