Wednesday, April 4, 2012


What’s the story?

What’s the story? What is the story? What is a story?

Beginning middle and end. End. There’s a start. We all get to the end.

Indeed. In deed. In fact. And in act. In the beginning was? Was what? Was the word.

Jaysus what was the word? The beginning? Of what? Of the middle?  Of the end?

Everything is the beginning of the end. The middle, though, there’s a tricky one.

You can’t solve the middle. Ask the East. The riddle of the middle: To get it you need

the beginning and the end. And how can you have the end? Cos the end has you. In

the end. Finis. C’est la vie. No two ways about it. No one way. A dead end. The end.

So just get your end away. Ah yeah. Run to bed. Run run run. River run. Burst the

banks. Break the dam. Escape. Release. The ejector seat. Yahoo you’ve beaten the

odds. A hero. Just for one … well whatever. Die in her arms. But for a second there!

Ah but you’ll be back again. Sure as there is shit in a goose. Sure as the word. As sure

as the story.

But what is the story? The story? How many stories?

Stories high. Stories low.

High brow. Lowbrow.

Lowbrow:  Here’s the cops. There’s the Indians.  Now the ads.

Ads? The admin of stories.

Ah ha. Here we are. Home turf. Mr. Bloom.

Mr. Adman.

Adman. Admen. Admin.

Creative. Creator? Ah la la Akbar. There’s only one God.

But comma here! What?

There’s only one story. Period.

Shove your clashes. And your civilisations.

One? One!

There’s only one story.

The story of our sacred word.

Must be High Brow now.

The writer wrote having no alternative. But sssssh! There is

an alternative – silence. Silence -  The Final Solution. Graveyard spooky.

Auschwitz spooky.

I can’t go on. I will go on, Sam says.  Roll the rock up and down the hill, like Jack

and Jill on endless replay. Play and replay. Play games.

What’s a game? Beginning, middle and end. But not necessarily in that order.

Storygames, made to make the grim grin.

In the beginning was the word.

In the end there’s the end.

And in between, who knows?

The end.


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